Welcome to MB 360 "Break Boundaries" coaching program. The MB 360 program is the centerpiece of my coaching.




- Students that are close enough for in-person coaching from me -

- Students that travel and need a combination of in-person and remote coaching -

- Students that are completely remote coaching students -



Can we agree on this? - Golf is one of the most difficult games in the world!


Part of the reason is that there are so many aspects within the game to get good at. Outside of developing your technique, you also have strategic development, the mental game and the list goes on.


But, there's another big reason why this game is so difficult and why many golfers are not improving. That is because of the majority of what they do (practice, play, etc) is done alone, without supervision or feedback from an expert. Think about other sports like football, basketball or baseball. The players aren't saying to one another "Hey, let's turn up at the field or the court and start throwing balls around". The coach is there. There is a plan. The players are running drills, and you better believe that when they are getting it wrong that they are getting feedback from the coach! But in golf, golfers turn up to the range and hit balls with no plan or purpose and no expert feedback. At best, they might tryout a new tip they saw from an online video or in a magazine.


Now, I get it. Good quality golf instruction is expensive. Most people cannot pay me to be at everyone of their practice sessions or rounds on the course. But, there is a way to get personal coaching and access to me as a coach like never before without breaking the bank!

Core Program Components:


Private Coaching

(in-person or remote via Zoom, Skype, etc)


On-line Coaching:

Swing Analysis (unlimited)

Mike Bury On Demand Membership

Essential Training - On-line curriculum through Mike Bury On Demand



Private Coaching


The “look” of a Private Coaching session should no longer be assumed to be both coach and student standing on the same driving range together. Now, that still exists. That’s what I call an “in-person” Private Coaching Session. Today’s Private Coaching Sessions are also remote with the use of live “video-conference” technology like Zoom or Skype. The “stage” is at your home, office, or at your practice facility. Simply take your mobile device with you and I am there, live on the other side! With many swing faults and the nature and curriculum of this program there are many things that can and should be achieved at home or in the office, often without a club in your hand.. This sets us up for the biggest advantage of the remote coaching program. Consistent and more frequent access and feedback.


It's very cut and dry when it comes to how much and how quickly students improve. The more frequently I see a student the more they improve. It's that simple. Students that I see weekly improve significantly faster than those that I see every other week. The reason for this is relatively obvious, that being that they receive the essential feedback for improvement more often. Whilst I respect the golfer that says "let me go off and work on it and I'll come back when I've got it", that's just not how it works. Yes, you have to go off and work on it. But, you also need feedback and "course-corrections" along the way.


Oh, and for the record... "Online coaching" in my programs are not just something that are offered to students that can't see me in person (By the way, I am not a huge fan of the term "online coaching" as it typically comes with the idea that it is secondary or inferior to in-person coaching). Students that are part of my in-person coaching program are also part of my "online program". It's not an "Online Coaching Program". It's a Coaching Program where we use technology to connect us for the most efficient and effective coaching I can provide.



Unlimited Swing Analysis


Video your swing and upload it for review at anytime and I'll analyze it and post a review with relevant drills. Post it, and watch it when it's convenient for you. No scheduling necessary.



Mike Bury On Demand


Mike Bury On Demand is a library of exclusive instruction videos, how to's, drills, etc. Either search to find a drill to solve a problem or I'll prescribe drills for you to work on. The $99 annual membership fee is waived for students that are members of MB 360.



Essential Training - Online Curriculum


The "Essentials Training" is an online curriculum covering the essentials within each part of the game. This is something you should be continually using as a reminder and something I will refer to throughout the program. It is located within Mike Bury On Demand.



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Q. What is the duration of remote Private Coaching Sessions?


Remote Private Coaching Sessions can be split into 30 minute sessions. For example, if you receive two hours of Private Coaching per month you can split your time into four 30-minute remote Private Coaching Sessions.



Q. Can in-person session be split into 30 minute sessions?


No, all in-person Private Coaching Sessions are one hour unless two sessions are being combined to create a 2-hour session.



Q. Is there a minimum number of months I must commit to?


Yes, there is a 12 month commitment. At the end of 12 months you can re-subscribe or go month-month.



Q. Is there a discount for paying for the program in full?


Yes, a discount of 10% is applied if paying in full.



Q. Can I put the program on hold?


You can put your program on hold only in the case of an injury. There is a $25/month fee and a program can be on hold for a maximum of two consecutive months. A program cannot be placed on hold more than two separate occasions with 12 months.



Q. My golf season is not 12 months. What type of training will be done in the off-season?


This is a year-round program and a year-round commitment from you as the student AND me as the coach. Indoor training is a vital component no matter the weather outside. Golfers that come to me at the start of their “season” after a winter layoff are always coming from behind where they were. If you are committed to improving you are committing to working with me throughout the year.



Q. Can I send swings everyday under the “Unlimited Swing Analysis” part of the program?


Yes. Swing Analysis reviews are completed Monday, Wednesday and Friday by approximately 9:00am Central. So, if you send a swing for analysis Sunday it is reviewed Monday. If you send Monday after 9:00 central it is reviewed by Wednesday at 9:00am central.



Q. What forms of payment are acceptable?


A credit card is required. Payment is due on the 1st of the month. There is a $25 fee for declined charges so please be sure to provide any new credit card information when necessary before the 1st of the month. Checks can only be accepted if paying for the program in full.



Q. I live outside the US, can I join the program?


Absolutely! Please note that all payments and pricing are in US Dollars. International fees are not included and are the responsibility of the student.